Too busy these days keeping up with your website management? Allow me to assist you.

Now that you have your website… now what? I know myself that it’s hard to maintain your website, let alone multiple websites. What’s an Entrepreneur to do to help maintain your brand’s visual aesthetic for growth. Never fear, I can assist you with your website changes, updates, additional plugins, newsletter management. As you move forward with your business, we can continue to work together to develop the visuals around your brand. It may be something as simple as choosing the right home page images or keeping fresh new content added via blog articles.  Let’s collaborate!!

**Please note that my virtual assistance does not include social media management as I no longer have my own accounts on social media with the exception of Twitter & Pinterest. Life is way to precious to waste glued to a social media website just to check on others, no thanks, no more drama, debates or division in my world. I cherish my time for my family, my pets, the outdoors, fun and growing as a person. No more distractions for this busy little lady 🙂

Now back to Pinterest,  it’s fun, it’s visual,  and did you know that Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media platform with over 175 million active users. Yep, it is, and Imagine your author promo images or products being seen by that many readers? I highly recommend carrying your brand and book promo over to the Pinterest platform to expand your reach to a greater, super engaged audience.

One of my favorite affirmations: I am my own woman, I am complete and whole, I know my value, I am secure in my being, I trust my inner authority…I AM FREE!!!!

Quote may include the following

Word press virtual assistance

  • website image changes
  • text content change/add
  • new page creation
  • new or additional plugins
  • SEO “Yoast” plugin add & configure
  • newsletter management*
  • blog article updates*
  • technical glitch fix

*Please note that I do not write the articles, but will post them to your site and carry over to your email campaign manager and send out:

Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Get Response, etc.


Pricing for Website Management / Virtual Assistance starts at $50 an hour with a 2 hr minimum. The reason for the 2 hr minimum is that each WordPress theme is vastly different and I need the first hour to familiarize myself with the back office, your theme, pages, plugins, tech glitches to even begin. I use a time tracker so you only pay for the hours worked via report and invoice.

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